Safety and Health

The Hudson City School District covers 100 acres on 5 campuses, with 10 buildings and 500,000 square feet, 400 employees and 1871 students.  The safety of these facilities and of the staff and students who occupy them is of prime importance to the district.

The Hudson City School District is committed to educational and environmental quality and fully supports the guiding principles as set forth by the New York State Board of Regents:

  • Every child has a right to an environmentally safe and healthy learning environment that is clean and in good repair.
  • Every child, parent and school employee has a “right to know” about environmental health issues and hazards in their school environment.
  • School officials and appropriate public agencies should be held accountable for environmental safe and healthy school facilities.
  • Schools should serve as role models for environmentally responsible behavior.
  • Federal, State, local and private sector entities should work together to ensure that resources are used effectively and efficiently to address environmental health and safety concerns. 

The personal safety of our employees, students, as well as the general public is a primary and continuing concern for the Hudson City School District Board of Education.  It is our goal to provide every employee and student with a working/learning environment free from recognized hazards that are a potential cause for serious physical harm or impairment.  To accomplish this goal the district has implemented the following:

1) Written Safety Standards
2) The appointment of a District Safety and Health Designee
3) District Safety and Health Committee
4) A process for identifying and eliminating potential hazards (the district’s Safety Suggestion and Environmental Quality Form)

District Safety and Health Designee

George Keeler, Superintendent, Buildings & Grounds, is the Safety and Health Designee for the Hudson City School District.  He is responsible for the management of the entire safety program of the district.

The Safety and Health Designee is to receive all facility or operational safety-related concerns and accompany all state inspectors under the State Occupational Safety and Health Act, fire inspections as required by Education Law and similar requirements.