Alumni Spotlight: Kathy Voigt, Class of 1975

Mrs. Voigt sits at her desk in her classroomThis edition of Alumni Spotlight features Kathy Voigt, who graduated from Hudson Senior High School in 1975.

Since graduation Kathy has raised a family (her children are Hudson alumni, too) and returned to the school district as a teacher.

Read more to find out the most valuable things Kathy learned as a student in the Hudson City School District and how growing up in Hudson shaped who she is today.




What did you do after graduation?
I worked at various jobs. I waitressed, was a rent adjuster, worked in retail, and became a teacher’s aide. Then I finally went back to college to become a Special Education teacher. I also got married and had two children who are now 34 years old.

What are you doing now?
I work as a Special Education teacher at the Junior High School in the Hudson City School District. I teach Math in Grades 7 and 8 to students who have difficulty. I also consult in a 9th grade math class with Mrs. Pare over at the high school.

What made you choose your career field?
I always was interested in becoming a teacher even when I was a little girl. Circumstances beyond my control made me put college off until after I had my children. I went back to college in my thirties and became a teacher. This is my 25th year teaching at the Hudson City School District.

I became interested in special education because of a teacher I had in high school. She was my English teacher back in high school who went back and got her degree in Special Education.

What was the most important thing you learned at the Hudson City School District?
The most important thing I learned as a student here was that the teachers were dedicated and cared about their students. I learned that Hudson was a close-knit community where everyone knew each other and stood by each other, no matter what kind of life you had out of school.

I believe Hudson has some of the best teachers and that is why I also sent my two sons here. They are both successful in their careers and I believe Hudson teachers were responsible for a good part of their success.

In what ways did your school experiences at Hudson CSD prepare you for college, career or life in general?
I had wonderful teachers when I was growing up. My 9th grade English teacher became my boss when I was a teacher’s aide. She was the one who told me I could become a teacher and be successful at it. She never gave up on me even after all of the years that passed. She even attended a college workshop with me.

The dedication of the teachers is what helped me to become who I am today. When I started working here, there were still a lot of teachers who I had in high school that were still teaching. They never gave up on me and they inspired me to do the same for my students.

Growing up and going to school in Hudson also prepared me for life in general. I grew up in the 1960s, which was a tumultuous time with Civil Rights, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War with Russia, etc. Even through these tough times, the diversity of the students in the Hudson City School District and the closeness of the students in the district helped me to become tolerant of everyone no matter where someone came from. Still today, I am in touch with so many of my classmates who graduated in 1975.

If you could give any advice to Hudson students, what would it be?
To hold their heads up high, to be proud that they are students of the Hudson City School District, to believe in themselves, and that they can accomplish anything they want to do.

I would also advise each one of them to get to know at least one wonderful teacher in the district. Speaking from experience, having an adult mentor who believes in him/her and never gives up on him/her is a wonderful experience to have.