Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Libruk, Class of 2009


This edition of Alumni Spotlight features Morgan Libruk, who graduated from Hudson Senior High School in 2009. She also participated in Questar III's New Visions: Scientific Research & World Health program, which allowed her to explore science and earn transferable college credits during her senior year of high school. Since graduation, Morgan has been busy furthering both her education and her career in the expanding field of medicine.

What did you do after graduation?
After graduating I started a 3-year accelerated biology program at Clarkson University.

What are you doing now?
I am a full-time general surgery Physician Assistant (PA) at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany. I work closely with the surgeons in the operating room for a variety of procedures, which is called first-assisting. Another responsibility is the medical/surgical management of patients in the hospital before and after surgery, which can include ordering lab/image studies and medications for patients. We are asked to consult with patients who are already admitted to the hospital and those in the emergency department who might need surgical intervention for their condition(s). I also record medical histories and perform physical exams.

My greatest overall personal and professional accomplishments are graduating from PA school and starting my career at such a young age, all while growing mentally and emotionally. To have the capacity, at the age of 24, to take care of and prescribe medications to sick people is pretty amazing. The best part of my career is the satisfaction of knowing I am making a difference in so many lives.

What made you choose your career field?
I first became interested in biology during high school. The New Visions: Scientific Research & World Health program offered through Questar III allowed me to explore this area of science further and I decided to pursue a degree in biology. It wasn’t until my 2nd or 3rd year at Clarkson when I started taking more classes of personal interest (like anatomy and physiology) that I decided I wanted to become a PA.

What was the most important thing you learned at the Hudson City School District?
I think the great diversity of HCSD has prepared me significantly for things I have encountered in college and will encounter in life and my career. Through my years at HCSD and New Visions I recognized that I was capable of anything I set my mind to and I proceeded to challenge myself often. Doing so had great outcomes for me. I learned to function both independently and as part of a team, which I believe was essential to my success during college and especially now in my career.

If you could give any advice to Hudson students, what would it be?
My general advice to any student would be to challenge yourself and never lose sight of your goals. I would recommend New Visions to those who are ready for a challenge. If you are willing to take the path less traveled, New Visions really has the potential to place you a step ahead in your prospective career field of interest. I think Questar III’s New Visions program is a fantastic jumpstart to a fulfilling career regardless of which program you choose. The Scientific Research & World Health program is great if you have a general interest in science but aren’t sure which direction you want to go. New Visions provided me with the added knowledge and experiences needed to aid in my decision to pursue a career in medicine rather than another scientific field. I was able to graduate from undergrad in three years instead of four because most, if not all, college credits I had received during my senior year of high school were transferable. This was also beneficial financially because I saved a full year’s tuition.