Program Profile: College Tuesdays

Researching and applying to colleges is no easy task, and a lot rides on the college essay. Luckily, juniors and seniors at Hudson High School have College Tuesdays, an after school program with the Writing Center and Guidance Office. The program begins after the College Fair in the fall and continues every Tuesday until winter break in December. College Tuesdays cover a multitude of activities involved in the college application process.


Most, if not all, college applications need to be submitted electronically these days, which can be troublesome for many reasons. In this program, students receive guidance navigating the Common Application, which is an online undergraduate college application widely used by hundreds of higher education institutions.

One of the most important aspects of a college application is the admission essay. College Tuesdays offers assistance with admission essays. Gail Wheeler, Writing Center Director, says she "works with students during free periods and after school." Not only does Mrs. Wheeler meet with students in person, she takes advantage of new technologies like Google Classroom and Google Docs, which allow users to edit and collaborate on documents from different locations in real time. So the official program may take place on Tuesdays, but students can actually get help any day of the week.

Students may even have opportunities to visit college campuses as part of this program. "Last year, I did six workshops for juniors and seniors, followed by bus trips to various schools," said Mrs. Wheeler. She hopes to continue taking students to visit colleges, though she is waiting to hear about this year's budget details.

The program extends beyond college applications and includes the exploration of financial aid opportunities. "We begin focusing on the many local scholarships available at the end of the college application process and continue the program with Scholarship Tuesdays," said Mrs. Wheeler. The Guidance Office will also be holding financial aid workshops in December and February:

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2015 -- informational workshop about financial aid (with CGCC)
  • Tuesday, February 2, 2016 -- workshop to help students file FA applications online

More details to come.