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Hudson CSD Board Approves Alternative Veterans’ Exemption at Basic Level, Gold Star Parent Provision

At its meeting on February 23, the Hudson CSD Board of Education voted to approve the Alternative Veterans’ Tax Exemption at the basic maximum exemption levels as defined by the Real Property Tax Law §458. The exemption would be applied to the 2015-16 fiscal year, for school property tax bills this coming fall.

The exemption levels for eligible veterans are as follows:

  • Wartime: 15% of assessed value up to $12,000.00
  • Combat Zone: Additional 10% of assessed value up to $8,000.00
  • Disability: $40,000.00 for all veterans who suffered a “service connected” disability 

Per Columbia County Real Property, there are $16,740,403 Veterans’ Exemptions in the district using the Basic Exemption (Level A). This represents 1.35 percent of all assessed property value in the district. The $16,740,403 is subtracted from the overall assessed value, which in turn will result in a lower school taxable value.

The impact on non-eligible property owners is estimated at an increase of $23 per year in property taxes for a property assessment of $100,000, $47 for a property assessed at $200,000 and $70 for property assessed at $300,000. The actual impact will be known in August when assessment rolls are finalized and school tax rates are set by the Board of Education.

The Board also authorized the Gold Star parent provision which extends an exemption to parents whose children died in the line of duty while serving during periods of war.

According to Columbia County Real Property Services, there are 602 veterans living in the Hudson CSD who are eligible for the exemption. Veterans who already receive the exemption through their local town/county do not need to file an additional application for a school tax exemption. 


The Real Property Tax Law §458 was expanded in December 2013 when Governor Cuomo signed the law stating school districts across New York state may opt to pass a resolution to provide partial property tax exemptions to veterans residing in the district. Prior to the new law, only towns, counties, villages and cities offered veteran exemptions. The law also requires that districts hold a public hearing on the issue. The HCSD Board of Education held its public hearing on February 23, 2015.

Unlike STAR, the state does not reimburse the district the revenue it would lose from veterans who qualify for the new exemptions. Instead, this exemption will cause a shift to other taxpayers in a district who would have to make up the difference.

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