News at Hudson CSD

P.E. teachers present at conference

Physical education teachers Jeanine Millar and Nancy Graziano presented at the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NYSAHPERD) conference on November 19. Their presentation, “When Common Core Meets P.E.” demonstrated ways to align physical education curriculum with the Common Core State Standards.

Millar, Graziano, and teacher Kevin Bowes have been finding innovative ways to align their lessons with these standards over the last few years. As with other subjects, the challenge is to integrate writing, critical thinking, and real-world problem solving into P.E. curriculum.

Students have had a lot of fun with the new curriculum. For one homework assignment, students put together a three-fold brochure on an Olympic sport of their choice. In another lesson, students used statistics to demonstrate who they thought would win the Superbowl. Students have also had the opportunity to take more control of their own education—they planned out an entire swim meet, placing each other on teams and using math to split each lap evenly among swimmers. Many students utilize their new Chromebooks to turn in assignments online, as their P.E. education requires them to type up reports and other homework assignments.

“The presentation was very well-received. People were happy to have something they could take back to the classroom and make their own,” said Millar. The two teachers presented to a group of about 30 people, along with Mary E. Dardess Elementary teacher Linda Colwell. They cataloged all of their Common Core-related activities, and submitted their presentation by June of 2014. The team has been receiving many emails from conference attendees who want to know more about their presentation.

“To finally be able to present something we’ve been working on in the district was very satisfying. To get the positive feedback we’ve received really makes what we’re doing worthwhile,” says Graziano.

The pair noted that school and district administration have been extremely helpful in their efforts to align with the standards. “We’ve been supported tremendously at the district and local level,” says Millar.