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Program Profile: The Kindness Club

Kindness ClubStudents in the Hudson High School’s Kindness Club are dedicated to spreading kindness on and off campus, all while learning life skills. The Kindness Club is led by Lisa Foronda Schmitt (advisor and teacher and coach), who is assisted by Tracy Simmons (classroom aide and coach), Kaniz Fatema (classroom aide and coach), and Nurul Bhuiyan (classroom aide).

Every Tuesday, the club volunteers at the local animal rescue, and on Wednesdays, they donate their time at the Goodwill. They also manage a school store, where students and staff can buy snacks and other goodies throughout the school day. On Mondays and Fridays, the club operates the Kindness Cart; the students make baked goods and provide other food items that they bring around the school for optional donations. On “Fried Dough Fridays,” the students collaborate with the Abitabile family to make their own fried dough. They also have their own blend of coffee—the Kindness Blend—available from Strong Tree Coffee. The Kindness Club collects bottles and cans to recycle, and they operate a Kindness Closet by which needy families in the community can make appointments to find donated clothes, school supplies, and more.

This year, the Kindness Club helped the Hudson City School District kick off its school year at its opening ceremony. On September 20, the club traveled to the Special Olympics in Rome, NY, for which they had trained for months. The team brought home a number of silver and gold medals, and will head to the state games in Queensbury, NY on October 18. The Sons and Daughters of Italy of Columbia County generously welcome the Kindness club to use their facility for training. The team is coached by Stephen Schmitt, Shawn Briscoe, Cathy Drumm, Kelsey Alvarez (high school senior), and Lexi Peters (high school senior).  Joni Groll, the high school nurse, also volunteers.

On September 18, the well-known Dean Davis animal specialist came to the Hudson High School to teach students about different reptiles. Students witnessed live snakes, tortoises, tarantulas, and more right before their eyes, and had the opportunity to ask questions while they viewed the animals.