girls on chair reading together aerial parking map School leaders and community members hold a red ribbon at the opening ceremony of new primary wing Student do a science experiment with college students from Bard College kids sitting on stage kids wearing chef costumes at Odyssey of the Mind competition Students with a bloodhound in front of a police cruiser Students work on individual laptops

5th grade "Reading Buddies" visit pre-kindergarten classes.

The MCSES Drama Club and CCYT present, “The Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon Kids” on Friday, May 11, 2018.

These second graders are the first Odyssey of the Mind team from Hudson to participate in the regional competition in almost a decade.

Wiltsie the Bloodhound, a NYS Police K-9, visited MCSES with Troopers Fran Torhan and Kristi Wilson to teach students about her job.

The community was invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new primary wing at M.C. Smith Elementary School.

Undergraduates in the Citizen Science program at Bard College visited the Intermediate School to conduct science experiments with students.

These Chromebook laptops provide students with the means to conduct research in the classroom, remotely work together on projects, and easily connect with teachers and peers outside of the classroom.

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Supply Lists (MCSES, 2018-19)

Click the links below to download the 2018-2019 Supply Lists for M.C. Smith Elementary School, or click here to view the mobile-friendly supply lists.

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Supply list for all Kindergarten classes (Below, Cartwright, Cincotti, Dodig, Merwin, Muller, Ohl, Pitts, Rutkey, Zito)

Grade 1

Supply list for all Grade 1 classes (Brown, Duryea, LaPorto, Monsell, Moore/Muller, Merwin/Cincotti, Shumway)

Grade 2

Supply list for all Grade 2 classes (Buchinsky, Groat, Marois, Martin, Merwin, Rolfe, Smith, Zlomeck/Sheedy)

Grade 3

Mrs. Hanley

Mrs. Lent

Ms. Malin

Mrs. Quinion

Mrs. Velez

Mrs. Wordon/Mrs. McCagg

Grade 4

Ms. Casciaro/Ms. Hungerford

Mrs. Holmes

Mrs. Parmentier

Mrs. Pierro

Mr. Pratt

Ms. Smith

Grade 5

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Curry/Mrs. Keeler/Mrs. Van Alphen

Mrs. Kipp/Mrs. Suafoa

Mrs. Semanick

Mrs. Sullivan

Special Education

Mrs. Merwin (1st & 2nd Grade)

Mrs. Ordway

Mrs. Sheridan

Ms. Van Slyke

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