Students Participate in Twin County Science Expo

A total of ten Junior High School students participated in the Twin County Science Expo, held at Columbia Greene Community College on March 20. Students presented their projects as individuals or in small groups and competed based on grade level.

Kelsey and Brittany   Alexis and Becky   Jacob

Kelsey Alvarez and Brittany Varriale presented their project on solar energy called Dancing Cricket, Alexis Peters and Becky Ward presented an energy drink comparison, Got Energy, and Jacob Kulyniak presented a project on Communication, Now and Then. Kelsey Washburn and Angela Grandinetti presented a germination comparison called Freaky Flowers, Jahnessa Mackey and Elorah Corrigan attempted to create a “Yellow-out” and Megan Schoep presented a project on The Water Cycle.

Students researched and created their projects at home with support from their parents and teachers. Participants were judged on project presentation, discussion and a question and answer segment. Congratulations to all of this year’s participants!

Kelsey and Angela  Jahnessa and Elorah  Alexis and Becky