Otto the Auto Visits JLE

Children met Otto the Safety Auto from Triple AOn Thursday, May 4, the children at JLE were delighted to meet Otto the Safety Auto. Our School Resource Officer, Jake Hoffman, interviewed Otto.

The JLE kids learned about car safety and being safe while walking near roadways.

Thank you to AAA for sponsoring the assembly.


Singer/Songwriter John Farrell Visits JLE

John Farrell plays guitar during an assemblyOn Friday, May 5, the JLE family was happy to welcome back their old friend, Mr. John Farrell. Mr. Farrell led the children in songs about togetherness and caring for others.

Mr. Spicer said JLE is always a better place during and after a John Farrell assembly!


Hudson Children's Book Festival 2017

Mark your calendars for this year's Hudson Children's Book Festival on Saturday, May 6, 2017! Get more info and this year's author line up at the Hudson Children's Book Festival website.

Hudson Children's Book Festival poster

Paul Czajak holds two of the books he has written

Children at John L. Edwards Primary School were thrilled to meet a hero author of their's, Paul Czajak, who will be at the Hudson Children's Book Festival. Mr. Czajak, who wrote the beloved "Monster" series, was one of several authors to visit Hudson City Schools the day before the book festival.

His series includes "Monster Needs A Costume," "Monster Needs His Sleep," "Monster Needs Your Vote," "Monster Needs a Party," and many others. Mr. Czajak read to the children and answered all their Monster questions!Shelly Rotner and Diane deGroat

Children were also delighted to meet Shelly Rotner and Diane deGroat authors of "Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth" and "Homer." The author and illustrator spent reading time and time to discuss writing and illustrating books with the children.

100th Day Celebrations!

Student and principal with robot sculptureJLE has broken out with 100th Day Celebrations. Everyone is counting everything from pipe cleaners to lollipops!

Lucas (pictured) made a special project for the event, which he called the "100 Man The Robot." He, along with many others from Mrs. Cartwright's class, went out of their way to make special projects showcasing the creative ways they count to 100!



Mrs. Sweet's Class Performs PoetryChildren stand in a line while reading poetry

During the first week of May, Mrs. Sweet's class (led by Beyond Paper & Pencil Instructor Julie Cabbot) performed poetry at the Hudson Area Library. Parents and guests cheered as each child and the whole group of children read their poems. They also performed movements to go with the readings.

After the poetry performance, the students and their audience took a tour of the library and enjoyed refreshments. Great work, Mrs. Sweet's Class!

Poetry & Forgiveness Celebrated at JLE

An author talks to the class about her workNicole May Kelby, visiting author, and Alan Milligan, a sculptor, spent two days in Mrs. Sweet's class doing a writing project. The project was a collaboration about forgiveness, which explored the nature of forgiveness in our own lives through poetry and art. The class wrote a silly poem, created paper boats, and painted a river using words from the poem.



Dental Van Returns to JLE

Dentists in an officeThere will be no tooth left behind by these dental professionals from Columbia Memorial Hospital. Dr. Sehgal, Dental Hygienist Mrs. Mulvaney and Dental Assistant Mrs. Khan are providing professional dental care for the JLE children and their families during February with the annual return of the CMH Dental Van.

The JLE Family is very grateful for all the smiles and good dental heath they provide for our families every year.


Counting with Paper Snowballs

Children write the number 13Mrs. Rutkey and her student teacher had a paper snowball fight with their kindergarten class to help students learn the numbers in the teens.

The students had a partner and had to compare their snowball numbers, write them down, fill in the ten-frame and see who had the greater number. Then they threw their snowballs across the room and found two new snowballs. Everyone had a blast!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Children smile with paintbrushesMrs. Zito and Mrs. Muller took children on their annual holiday trip to paint the window of the Hudson Police Department. The children painted Christmas Trees, bright packages tied up in string and many of our other favorite holiday things.

Thanks to Chief Moore and our SRO, Officer Hoffman, for their continual support of JLE!


Honor a Veteran Day

Mrs. Sweet's class joined county officials and members of the American Legion to show remembrance and respect for a Columbia County Veteran. Following a review of the vet's life and contributions, the children participated in a flag raising and military gun salute. God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans.

children stand outside of school to honor veteran  Veterans stand with students and hold flags

Fire Prevention Day

A firefighter shows truck equipment to childrenIt's National Fire Prevention Week, so on Wednesday, October 12th, the Little Hawks at JLE received a visit from the Hudson and Stottville Fire Departments to talk about fire safety and prevention. The assembly covered what a home smoke alarm sounds like, when and how to call for help, and how to help firefighters locate them if they were stuck somewhere inside a house.

Because firefighters can look a little scary when they wear full fire gear, a few firefighters came dressed in full gear so our youngest students could get used to what they look like and not be afraid when they come to help! More photos here >>

Virtual field trip to Michigan farm

books by robbyn smithThe 2nd grade JLE RTI group that meets with Mrs. Skoda enjoyed a Skype session with Michigan-based author Robbyn Smith and illustrator Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen (people call him Nick!). This comes after the students read four books by the duo and did some reading comprehension with study guides.

The class was able to take a virtual field trip to ask the authors questions about their books as well as the farm on which many of their stories are based. The students were absolutely enthralled with the experience and did not want it to end!

Visit the district Facebook page for more photos.

Grandparents Day

A grandmother reads to two girlsJLE was invaded by Giants this past Friday as over 150 Grandparents came to spend the morning with their grandchildren. The event, which is sponsored by the JLE PTA, is an annual salute to the grandparents which includes a breakfast buffet and a welcome by Mr. Spicer. Then the grandparents headed to the classrooms as honored guests. They read to the children and helped them with arts and crafts.

It was a huge success and on behalf of the JLE Family, Mr. Spicer would like to thank our PTA and all the grandparents who came to join in the fun!

Welcome letter from Principal Spicer

August 30, 2016

Mr. Spicer smiles in sunglassesGreetings JLE Parents & Guardians, It is with great joy and excitement that on behalf of the JLE Family of teachers and staff, I welcome you to the 2016-17 John L. Edwards school year! The teachers, staff and I have been working very hard over the summer to make this year at JLE the most productive and memorable educational experience for your child and family. In line with the District’s 2016-17 Destination Graduation goals, we have planned a rigorous and fun educational program for your child. We will also be continuing our school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program reinforcing our efforts to create a supportive learning environment where everyone knows and strives to follow the school behavioral expectations. Your support and constant communication with your child’s teacher and school administration is most welcome. This year, as all years, we look forward to hearing from you.

I am dearly looking forward to working with you and your family in support of your child’s education and well-being. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Mr. Spicer, Principal

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