PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

What is PBIS?
PBIS is a nationally recognized school-wide initiative that stands for positive behavior intervention and supports program. PBIS focuses on those students that are “doing the right thing” and identifies those students that are at-risk and in need of extra support for early intervention. 

This program has been successfully implemented in the elementary and intermediate schools here in the Hudson City School District, and has been continued up through the Junior and Senior High Schools.


How does it work?
Prevention: Students are “caught” engaging in desired behavior and this behavior is regularly reinforced and recognized.

Response: Considerable thought and effort goes into getting the entire school community on the same page with respect to common definitions of, and the most effective response to problem behaviors.

Data-Driven: Discipline data is collected school-wide in a user-friendly format available in Room 29. The data provides guidance for understanding when and where problem behavior is more likely to occur.

Process: PBIS is not a curriculum or a prepackaged program. Rather, it is a framework that guides the school community through a process of addressing the unique culture, climate and behavioral issues within our school.


PBIS at Hudson Senior High School

PBIS at Hudson Junior High School

PBIS at M.C. Smith Elementary School