PBIS at Hudson Senior High School

PBIS Initiatives at HSHS

Download the 2016-17 PBIS Handbook (Note: In order to download PDFs, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free at Adobe's Website)

* Positive Referrals -- The idea behind positive referrals is to acknowledge students who exhibit exceptional Bluehawk behavior such as being courteous, helping or mentoring others, and helping people in the community.

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a nationally recognized school-wide positive behavior intervention support program which focuses on those students that are “doing the right thing” and identifies those students that are at-risk and in need of extra support for early intervention. 

This program has been successfully implemented in the elementary and intermediate schools in the Hudson City School District, and we are continuing this program here at Hudson Senior High School (HSHS).

examples of P.B.I.S.

How Does It Work?

Prevention: Students are “caught” engaging in desired behavior and this behavior is regularly reinforced and recognized.

Response: Considerable thought and effort goes into getting the entire school community on the same page with respect to common definitions of, and the most effective response to problem behaviors.

Data-Driven: Discipline data is collected school-wide in a user-friendly format available in Room 29. The data provides guidance for understanding when and where problem behavior is more likely to occur.

Process: PBIS is not a curriculum or a prepackaged program. Rather, it is a framework that guides the school community through a process of addressing the unique culture, climate and behavioral issues within our school.

What Can Parents Do to Help?

Parents play an important role in their child’s education and social development. The link between families and positive behavioral interventions and supports is an important one.

* Ask your child how they are doing in school.

* Check Parent Portal for academic progress frequently.

* Ask them what they can do to get recognized for something good. And praise them when they do!

* Call the school: 518-828-4360 ext. 3118


PBIS at Hudson Senior High School
Principal: Antonio Abitabile
Associate Principal & PBIS Coach: Robert LaCasse

2016-17 PBIS Team Members
Meghan Abitabile
Liz Albino
Jane Blakeman
Brian Capuano
Donna Coons
Lisa Foronda Schmitt
Dan Hernandez
Janet Lento
Kim Lockman
Joe Mazzone
Liz Novine
Katharine Vera


PBIS at Hudson Senior High School

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