Capital Project Information

Track and Field

The renderings pictured below were provided by Rhinebeck Architecture and Weston & Sampson.

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Aerial view of new track location behind high school

Rendering of 6 lane track with Bluehawk logo on field

Example drawing of 8 lane track

Location of steeplechase area

Athletic Field Surfacing

G-max explained

Chart of G-max values of different surfaces

More Information

  • Overview of July 6, 2016 public forum to discuss turf options
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions such as:
    • What is the scope of the Capital Project?
    • Where will the money come from?
    • How does this project improve and support education at HCSD?
    • How will grade reorganization lead to program improvements?
    • Why reorganize grades and consolidate schools?
    • Why is the district proposing a Capital Project at this time?
    • How much construction is required to reorganize grades?
    • What if enrollment starts to increase again? Would the district be equipped to handle that with just two buildings?
    • How (and when) would this project impact specific age groups of students?
    • Will grade levels still be reorganized if the project does not pass?
    • When would the work take place?
    • How will grade reorganization affect school staff?
    • How will grade reorganization affect transportation?
    • How does this project improve safety and security?
    • Why build a new track and football/soccer field and add a baseball field?
    • What would happen to JLE if it is sold?
    • How much planning went into this project?
    • What happens if the Capital Project does not pass?
    • Frequently Asked Questions and answers from the Superintendent and Board members
    • (FAQ last updated on February 2, 2016.)


  • Send a private message to the Hudson City School District Facebook page
  • Contact Superintendent Maria Suttmeier at 828-4360 Ext. 2101, or send an email to (please include "Capital Project" in the subject line)
  • Submit a question here:

(Last updated on July 29, 2016)