Capital Project Information

Track and Field Construction

Construction of the new Bluehawk track and athletic field facility began in April 2017. Crews have been making progress and construction work will continue throughout the summer. The new track and field should be completed in September 2017 (see a full project timeline here).


Bluehawk emblem for field

Above: A Bluehawk field emblem is being created


dirt being moved on field

dirt being moved on field


aerial photo of track/field construction

Above: Aerial photo by Lance Wheeler


superintendents and principal stand in front of dirt construction area

Above: George Keeler (Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds), Antonio Abitabile (Hudson High School Principal), and Dr. Maria Suttmeier (Superintendet of Schools)


Wide-angle view of track/field construction

Above: Wide-angle view of track/field construction


Stadium lighting installation

Above: Stadium lighting is installed by Nelcorp/Musco



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(Last updated on June 30, 2017)